45 days to Chicken Deficiency

The head of Kerman province poultry farmers Union declared: “It is strictly requested Government to distribute animal feed among the farmers and chicken producers more quickly; otherwise it is highly warned that incubation would be decreased up to 25 per cent! And considering the 25 percent decrease which existed already, we will certainly face with chicken meat shortage in less than 45 days.”  
Hassan Mahdi continued: “There are lots of problems in front of Kerman province poultry farmers. Transportation price of animal feed had a 60% increase and no one is responsive!”
“The final price of 1-kilogram live chicken producing without any interest for the farmer is 168,000 Rials (4USD the Governmental currency / 0.6USD Free market)  while we purchase 70% of our animal feed from the free market and the price of soybean meal has 400% increased!” He said.     

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