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1) The name of the Association shall be “Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association” and its short title shall be “PVMA”.


In these unless there be anything in the subject or context inconsistent herewith:

i) ‘Association’ shall mean and have reference to” Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association”.

ii) Abbreviation PVMA shall denote Head Office of Association on all Pakistan basis unless indicated by the suffix of Province or Zone.

iii) Extra Ordinary Resolution “shall have to same meaning as in Section 81 of the companies Act-1913.
iv) “Special Resolution” shall have the iv)”Special Resolution” shall have the same meaning as in Section 81 of the companies Act –1913

v) “Year” shall mean the financial year beginning from 1st July and ending 30 June.

vi) Memorandum and Articles of Association and Rules framed under its shall  
Apply to all chapters and branches of PVMA.

vii) Words importing the singular number only shall include the plural number and vice versa in relation to the members of the Association.

viii) Province means the Provinces of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

ix) Office Bearers shall mean the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Joint Secretary, the Treasurer and the Members of the Executive working committees, and the Executive Board.

x) “Act” means the Companies Act-1913.


i)The first members of the Association shall be the subscribers to the Memorandum and Articles of Associations. 

ii)Any person having
a Degree recognized in Pakistan in the Veterinary/Animal Husbandry Sciences, from a recognized University/ Institute of Pakistan or abroad
shall be eligible to membership of the Association in the manner laid down in these Articles.

iii) Any person, firm or company who with a view to promote the objectives of the PVMA desires to be the member of the Association, may be admitted to the Association in the manner and form in accordance with the procedure laid down in these articles.


The term member in these rules shall ordinarily mean the person having a Degree recognized in Pakistan in the Veterinary/ Animal Husbandry Sciences, from a recognized University/ Institute of Pakistan or abroad.


The membership of the Association shall consist of:-

iii) ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP i.e., the Persons, Firms or Companies who patronize the Associations.

i) Any person, firm  or company being    eligible and desirous of being enrolled as member, may submit an application on the prescribed form along with Registration fee and Annual subscription      to the Secretary of  the Association.
The executive working committee after due scrutiny shall accept or reject all such applications. The accepted applications shall be endorsed for issuance of the Membership Cards by the Executive Working Committee, The Executive Working Committee of the Association shall have the powers to reject any application for membership without assigning any reasons, for the same.

ii) The PVMA shall comprise Provincial/ Zonal Chapters/ Offices in due course of time. The rules framed under such amendment shall be treated as a part of these Articles. 

iii) For the purposes of Association, the AZAD KASHMIR ASSOCIATION of Veterinarians, constituted under any name shall be affiliated as a Provincial Chapter of PVMA, after vetting its Constitution by the Executive Committee PVMA.


i) In case of an Ordinary Member/Life Member the representation in person (in a meeting) shall necessary, no substitute shall be permitted, to attend a meeting of the Association on behalf of the Ordinary Member / Life Member, but the proxy shall be permitted according to the procedure laid down in the Companies Act-1913.

ii) In case of an Associate Member, not more than one representative shall be entitled to take part in any meeting of the Association. The representative shall be admitted to the meeting only after production of an Authority Letter, issued under the seal and signature of the Executive Head of the Firm or Company. The names of such representatives shall be entered in the register kept for that purpose in the office of the Association.


a) The name shall have to following rights.
i) To take part in the activities of the Association according to existing rules.
ii) To have the privilege of seeking all information permissible and available with Association.
iii) To participate according to the rules and regulations of the Association in all privileges and benefits secured for Association as a body corporate.

b) The members shall perform the following duties.

i) To make every effort to carry out the aims and objects of the Association.

ii) To act upon and carry out all rules and regulations of the Association.

iii) To bring to the notice of the Association, and the office bearers concerned any act or matter likely to cause loss to any individual member or members of the Associations, of the profession as a whole.

iv) To report to the Association and its office bearers all information considered necessary for promoting and/or achieving the aims and objects of the Association.

a) For Ordinary Members:
Registration fee: Rs. 150/= only, at the time of seeking membership. Annual Subscription: Rs. 200/= only     payable in advance for every following year. 

b) Life time Members:
Registration fee: Rs.150/= as in case of Ordinary Member and an additional amount of Rs.5000/= payable only once.

c) An Associate member shall contribute Rs. 5000/=) Minimum).


i) The funds of the Association shall comprise of Registration fee and Annual Subscription, gifts, donations and other contributions.

ii) The funds shall be deposited in scheduled bank in the name of PVMA and shall be operated by any one of the two following signatures, along with the treasurer: -
a) The president or
b) The Secretary.


A member shall be deemed to have been disqualified and his membership shall cease if he:

a) Fails to pay his subscription for period of three months from the date it fall due. The executive working committee may in case of very special circumstances extend the grace period further, not exceeding a total of sex months from the due date.

b) Is an  un discharged insolvent and adjudicated by a competent court of law to be of unsound mind, or if he is convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude.

c) Violates or contravene any of the aims and objects of the Association.
d) Is expelled by the Executive Working Committee from the membership rolls of the Association on charges of indulging in unethical business practices or acting in a manner prejudicial to the interest of the Association.

e)A member who has been expelled or has ceased to be the member of the Association for any reason shall nevertheless be liable to pay all dues outstanding against him towards the Association.

f)Any member who has been expelled or has ceased to be the member  for any reasons shall be readmitted to the membership f the Association until the expiry of one year from the date he was expelled or ceased to be the member of  the Association. Upon re-enrolment he shall have to pay the registration fee afresh together with the annual subscription and other dues as may be outstanding against him.

The   organizational set up of the Associational shall comprise of: -


b) One EXECUT-IVE COMMITT-EE of PVMA, composed of:
i) President 
ii) Vice President
iii) Secretary
iv) Joint Secretary
v) Treasurer and
vi) Members from Divisions/Districts as found convenient in the interest of Association.

d) There may also be paid employees as and when deemed necessary

e) The Executive Board PVMA shall be supreme body of the Association. It shall have overall power and control over the whole Association and shall exercise the same through the Executive Working Committee, its authorized representatives and officers

f) All representatives/officer of the Association shall ultimately be answerable to the Executive Board.

g) All appeals shall ultimately lie with The Executive Board of the Association, whose decisions on the issues shall be binding at all times.


i) The Executive Committees of PVMA and those of each Provincial PVMA shall be the main working/governing bodies for the purposes identified in the Preamble and the Memorandum of Association. These Committees shall manage and administer all affairs of the Association on behalf of the Executive Board PVMA. They shall causes to be carried out and executive all policies, programs and resolutions formulated and enunciated by the Executive Board of the Association, or by itself in accordance with the rules and regulations in force. It shall enforce all rules and regulations and supervise and watch all activities of the Association. It shall take note of all matters and developments taking place in the country or abroad which may be of interest to or affecting the business of its members and shall take steps as may be necessary for implementing its polices and decisions. It shall lay down and direct the pattern of working of the organization in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association. It may appoint standing and/or sub-committees or other committees for specific purposes and shall formulate their terms of reference, etc

ii) It shall discuss, deal, negotiate and communicate with the Government Authorities and/or private bodies or individuals on all matters concerning or affecting the business of its members. It shall have the powers to appoint representatives, open branches or other office within the country and conduct and organize all other activities aimed at advancing the objects of the Association. It shall lay down determine and set rates of advertisement, subscription or sale under intimation to the PVMA Executive Committee.

f) Chief Editor shall take necessary declaration/permission etc., from competent authorities as required under law of the land.

g) An honorarium upto a maximum of 25% of funds received in this regard may be payable to Chief Editor towards his contribution of time and labour. 


A committee of 3 members nominated by PVMA Executive Committee every year shall audit accounts of PVMA; the Secretary shall present the audited report to the Executive Board.


Funds will be deposited in scheduled bank in the name of PVMA and hall be operated by one of the two following signatories along with the treasurer:
a) President
b) Secretary


a) Income and property of the Association shall be utilized solely for the promotion of the aims and objects of the Association and no promotion shall be paid by way of bonus or dividend or otherwise except the remuneration paid in good faith to any office bearer or member as a token of the services rendered by him to the Association.

b) If upon winding up or dissolution of the Association, there remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Association but if and so far effect can be given to or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objects wholly or partly similar to the objects of the Association to be determined by the Dissolution Committee of Law and in default, therefore, by such court as may have jurisdiction in the matter.



a) Shall be the executive head, responsible for running the affairs of Association effectively and efficiently? He shall be answerable to Executive working Committees.

b) He shall be empowered to allow the expenditure of Rs. 10000 in one year, not exceeding Rs.500/= at one time without prior approval of Executive Working Committee.

c) For amounts exceeding the above, proper approval of Executive working Committee shall be necessary.

2) Vice President shall perform functions of President in his absence.

3) Secretary:

a) Shall be the nerve center and organize the smooth functioning of the Association. He shall be answerable to Executive Working Committee. He shall issue calls for meeting, keep minutes, compile reports and maintain office routine.

b) He shall be empowered to incur an expenditure of Rs. 7000 in one year, not exceeding Rs. 500/= at a time in anticipation of approval by the Executive Working Committee.

c) He shall maintain liason with provincial chapter and other bodies and participate in organization of their functions.

4) Joint Secretary shall act, as Secretary in the latter’s absence  

5) Treasurers:

a) Shall keep accounts and financial record. He shall submit the records to the annual audit. He shall be answerable to Executive Working Committee.

b) In the absence of Treasurer the Joint Secretary will take over responsibility of Treasurer.

6) Four members co-opted by Executive Working Committee.



Whereas the profession of veterinary medicine & Animal Husbandry enjoys a high universal sanctity, the members of profession need a homogenous organization to further the cause of this noble profession for the benefit of livestock wealth of our country in particular and mankind   in general. No one can deny the limitless contribution made by the dumb-creatures in the formation and promotion of the present and past civilizations/ cultures, and in the development of nations. Hence the importance of the people taking guard of the health and production vita of animals is recognized as highly significant for the human life.
Inspired by the resolve to protect and promote availability of wholesome food in abundance for the general populace, members of Veterinary/Animal Husbandry profession to hereby adopt and give themselves this constitution:-




The Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association hereinafter called PVMA shall be purely a technical/profession-
al organization having no political intents/ends. The PVMA will strive to achieve the following objectives:-

i) Provide a forum for the development of Veterinary/Animal Husbandry of profession.
ii) Create conditions conducive for development of brotherhood amongst the Veterinary/Animal Husbandry Scientists.
iii) Provide technological expertise for the development of the livestock/poultry productivity on scientific lines.
iv) Organize symposia and seminars for exchange of latest information on advancement in the profession.
v) Develop a code of ethics a ordained in Islam and infuse sense of accountability amongst the members of the profession.
vi) Provide a medium for the dissemination of applied scientific information.
vii) Disseminate proper know-how with regard to maintenance of public health and control of zooneses.
viii) Create a “Trust “ to look after the welfare of the members of the profession.

PVMA is strictly nonpartisan, nonpolitical forum open only to scientists belonging to veterinary/Animal Husbandry discipline.


a) Eligibility:
Veterinary or Animal Husbandry Graduates from recognized University/Institute of Pakistan or abroad.
b) Membership will comprise of the following classes:

i) Ordinary
ii) Life
c) Person who patronizes PVMA will be Associate Members.


a) Membership shall be registered only with PVMA, who will issue a Membership certificate and an ID card bearing Registration number.

b) Registration Fee of Rs.150.00 for each member enrolled by a Provincial PVMA shall be remitted to the PVMA.

Out of Membership fee received by a Provincial PVMA 30% shall be transferred to the PVMA.

d) Out of Membership fee received directly by PVMA, 70% shall be transferred to PVMA of the Province to which the Member belongs.


a) Registration fee Rs. 150/= payable at eh time of seeking membership.
b) Annual subscription Rs.200/= payable in advance for following year.
c) Life membership Rs.5000/= payable only once.
Associate membership with minimum contribution of Rs.5000/= per year shall be open to persons/firms patronizing the PVMA. 


a) Office bearers
i) President
ii) Vice President
iii) Secretary
iv) Joint Secretary and 
v) Treasurer
He above office bearers will be elected initially for a period/tenure of 3 years, After the initial period of 3 years, the office bearers shall be elected every two years.
b) One member representative from each Professional organization such as Universities, Colleges & Research Institutes.
c) Four members co-opted by the Executive Working Committee.
d) Provincial bodies will be constituted in the four provinces of Pakistan within the framework of the constitution and guidelines provided by the Executive Working Committee

NOTE: -For the purposes of Association, the Azad Kashmir Veterinary Medical Association shall be affiliated as a Prinincial chapter of PVMA. 

e) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of each Provincial PVMA shall comprise the following members elected every TWO years:-
i) President
iii) Vice President
iv) Secretary
v) Joint Secretary
vi) Treasurer
vii) One Councilor from each Division? Agency/District or a s is found convenient by the provincial body.

f) QUORUM of the Executive Committee shall complete with Members, i.e. President/Vice President, Secretary/Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and one Councilor.

g) Executive Working Committee shall be responsible for day-to-day operations/ activities of the Association according to the aims and objectives.

h) Besides any emergent meeting that could be called by the Secretary, the Executive Working Committee meetings shall be held quarterly to evaluate the progress and provide guidelines for future.

i) Executive Working Committee shall be competent to frame rules of procedure to dispose off association business, from time to time.

III B: EXECUTIVE BOARD of the PVMA shall comprise the following members:-

i) President or Vice President of PVMA
ii) Secretary or Joint Secretary of PVMA
iii) Treasurer of PVMA
iv) One Executive Committee member of PVMA

i) President or Vice President of Provincial PVMA
 ii) Secretary or Joint Secretary of Provincial PVMA
iii) One Councilor of Provincial PVMA


a) Meeting of Executive Board shall be called by President PVMA only and shall be held at least once a year in each Province by rotation

b) Out of the 16 Member of Executive Board (Vide caluse-III B) presence of the any following members shall complete the quorum.

i) President or Vice President
ii) Secretary or Joint Secretary
iii) Treasurer
iv) One Executive Committee member
From Provincial PVMA
i) President of Vice President, Secretary or Joint Secretary or one member of Provincial Executive Committee.


Executive Board of PVMA shall be the supreme body of PVMA whose decisions shall be binding on all chapters of PVMA and all members of PVMA.


GENERAL MEETINGS: Since it is not practicable and feasible for the members from all over the country to meet at one place at a given time and date, in order to complete the quorum, all decisions requiring general consensus shall be arrived at the Executive Board on behalf of the General body of the PVMA.


ELECTION: A workable method of elections to the PVMA as well as Provincial PVMA Executive Committees shall be laid down on the following guide-lines:-

a) Elections shall be held through secret ballot, either cast in person or though mail or proxy.

b) Every registered member shall be eligible to run for any office, and cast his/her vote.

c) An Election Commissioner appointed by the Executive Board from amongst PVMA or Provincial PVMA Executive Committees shall organize elections according to a Procedure released by him.


Secretariat Head Office of the PVMA shall remain in Islamabad.

b) When it is believed that the Association has taken sound roots all over the country, the Central Secretariat could move to the Province form where the President, Secretary and the Treasurer are elected.

c) Since it will involve shifting of office records, and finances etc. it would be imperative that the three Members of the PVMA Executive Committee, vide Para (b) above be located in the same province if not the same city.


a) Scientific, semi-scientific or popular periodicals/bulletins or special issues of professional interest, etc. shall be published by a Board of Editors.

b) Secretaries of all Provincial Executive Committees shall be ex-officious Members of the Board of Editors, and contributed matter for publication after due scrutiny.

c) One Chief Editor shall be nominated by the PVMA Executive Committee for a period deemed necessary, who will liaise with Members of Editorial Board through mail or otherwise and ensure that: -

i) High standards of scientific journalism are set and maintained.

ii) Code of professional ethics is scrupulously followed.

iii) Nothing whatsoever repugnant to the tenets of Islam and ideology of Pakistan and out of line of the objectives of PVMA defined in the Memorandum/Articles of Associations is published in any publication of PVMA.

d) These publications shall be self-supporting and income generated though advertisement, donations, subscriptions, sale, etc. shall be remitted by the Chief Editor to Treasurer of PVMA, who will scrutinise the accounts maintained by Chief Editor.

e) Board of Editors shall be competent to raise funds and enforce of service of the staff and fix their remuneration and recruit or remove them from service in accordance with the rules.

iii) It shall have powers to sanction expenditure and when necessary, also collect funds for any purpose within the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of the Association.

iv) It shall have powers to issue or cause to be issued instructions, directives and advice to members or other officers of the Association on various matters. It shall do all that may be incidental to its duties and of help in the promotion of the Veterinary/Animal Husbandry profession and the economic development/progress of the country, within the preview of the Memorandum and the Articles of Association.

v) It shall have to powers/authority to frame rules and regulations subject to the approval of the Executive Board and in consonance with the Memorandum and Articles of Associations. It may also add, alter, improve and repeal regulations or by-laws of the Association provided they do not militate against the Standing Rules and Regulations of the Association, already confirmed and included in Memorandum/Article of Association.

vi) The Executive Working Committee shall retire after completion of their term but shall continue to hold office till next elections take place.

vii) The central office of the PVMA shall remain at Islamabad 


The normal business of the Association shall be carried on by the Executive Working Committee of the Association as decided by the majority of the Votes. Only those members shall be entitled to vote that are qualified as per Articles 4 & 5.


a) General Body meeting of the provincial chapters shall be held at least once a year.

b) The voting shall be by the show of hands.

c) Annual General Meeting shall in preference to all other matters dispose off the following agenda first: -

i) Annual report – Consideration and Adoption 

ii) Annual Balance Sheet – Consideration and Adoption

iii) Election of Audit Committee consisting of three members of the Association.

iv) Election of the Executive Working Committee

d) All resolutions shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members, provided that no resolution shall be deemed to have been adopted/passed unless it has been agreed to by at least 70% of the Ordinary Member on roll either present in person or though proxy in writing.

e) Executive Board PVMA shall substitute for General Body meeting on all Pakistan basis.


i) All meetings of the General Body, other than the Annual General Meeting shall be called Ordinary, Extra-Ordinary, or Special general Meeting and shall be held at any time and at any place as Executive Committee may deem fit and convenient for the disposal of the business of the Association.

ii) An Ordinary, Extra Ordinary or Special General Meeting can also be held on a requisition signed by one fifth (1/5) of the total number of members specifying clearly the business desired to be transacted.

iii) The Secretary of the Executive Working Committee on such requisition as per Article 16 (ii) shall convene an ordinary, Extra-ordinary Special General Meeting and such meeting shall be called within 21 days from the date of receipt of such requisition. A notice or such meeting shall be circulated under the signature of the Secretary Executive Working Committee among the members for their information at least fourteen (14) days before the time appointed. The Secretary shall not take any action unless the requisition is signed by one fifth (1/5) of the members and sent to the Secretary by registered post acknowledgement due.


a) Presence of one third of the elected members of the Executive Working Committee shall complete the quorum. Presence of the Secretary or Joint Secretary shall be obligatory.

b) One third (1/3) members of General Body present in for the Annual General or Ordinary, Extra-ordinary, or special General Meeting and no business shall be transacted and in  at such meeting unless there be a quorum.

18) i)The president  of the Association shall preside over every Body ad /or Executive Working Committee meeting of the Association and in his absence the Vice President shall preside over the meetings. If the president and the Vice President be not present at the time of holding a properly called meeting, the members present shall elect some one from amongst themselves t act as President for the meeting.

ii)The President with the consent of the members present may adjourn the meetings form time to time but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at he meeting, from which the adjournment took place.


a) These may be called by the Secretary at the instance of the President or any three members of the Executive Working Committee (Irrespective of bending co-opted or elected) or by the Secretary himself in consultation with the President. The quorum of such meeting shall be three-elected member (inclusive of secretary) and one co-opted member.
b) The Executive Working Committee shall hold at least one meeting every three months.


i) In the event of any office bearer of member of the Executive Working Committee leaving at any time during the currency of his tenure, the vacant office shall be filled up within 30days of the vacancy by co-option. Office bearer so co-opted shall be entitled to hold office till the next elections.

ii) The office of a member of the Executive Working Committee shall be vacated if he absent s himself from thee consecutive meetings of the Executive Working Committee or for a period of three months, whichever is longer, without leave or permission from the Executive Working Committee.

iii) In the event of an office bearer or member of the Executive Working Committee going on leave for a period exceeding three months, the Executive Working Committee may coo-opt a substitute in his place to act for the period of leave.

iv)It shall be obligatory upon every member to notify any change of his address so that the same may be noted in the Register of Members of the Association. In the absence of such intimation a notice sent to the address last noted in the Register of Members shall be deemed good.

v) Any member whose name is entered in the register of Members of the Association shall enjoy the same rights and be subject to the same liabilities as all other members of the same class.

vi) An instrument appointing a proxy in the form given in the regulation-67 of the Table ‘A’ to the Companies Act shall not be questioned.

Vii) Notice of the meeting of the Association with the statement of the business to be transacted at the meeting shall be sent to every member (concerned) but the accidental omission to give notice or the non-receipt of the notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings at any meeting.


a) All meetings of the Executive Working Committee and General Body shall normally be held at Provincial Headquarters. Provided that in special circumstances the president may call the meeting at any other place.

b) At the time of Election of the office bearers if any member raises a dispute or challenges the election of any other member, the President of the meeting shall decide the matter there and then, and his decision shall be final.

c) If it is found that one or more members have secured equal number of votes, the President shall draw lots in respect of such members, and such of them as come first in the lot to make up the number required shall be deemed elected.


No resolution passed at a meeting shall be changed or altered within two months of passing the same unless three fourth (3/4) members present at a similar meeting; and entitled to vote agree to such an alterations.


The Executive Working Committee shall keep or cause to be kept records and proper books of accounts in which shall be entered full, true, and complete accounts of the affairs and transactions of the Association, which will include inter alia the following:-

a) Minutes book for meeting or General Body and the Executive Working Committee.

b) Register i) of members correctly showing their name and address 
ii) Of the name and address of the Associate Members).


The Account Books and other documents shall be kept at the office/offices of the Association and shall be open to the inspection by members of the Lxecutive Working Committee and the other members of the Association, at such time or times during the day and to such extent as the Association in General Meeting may from time to time determine. The President, Secretary and the Treasurer may refuse to present a document for inspection that in his/their opinion is likely to prejudice the interests of the Association. Such refusal shall be given in writing and the aggrieved party may appeal to the General Body on the subject and the decision of the General Body shall be final.


All the property of the Association whether belonging to it or held by it in trust shall (unless otherwise provided by any instrument of trust) vest in the Association and in case of any Bill Note, Negotiable Instrument of whatever nature, Agreement Bond, Indemnity nature, the same shall be deemed to have been executed, accepted, admitted, endorsed and completed on behalf the Association if signed by the President or Secretary or in their absence by any two members appointed for the purpose by the Executive Working Committee.


The Association shall have a common seal, which shall not be affixed to any instrument or document except by the authority of the Executive Working Committee and in the presence of at least two elected members of the working committee. The President or the Secretary shall sign the instrument to which the seal of the Association is affixed.


The Executive working Committee shall at the end of the year prepare; and/or publish under the signature of the Secretary a report of the work done and progress made by the Association during the year. This report shall be placed before the Annual General meeting for consideration and adoption and shall be published if so resolved by the Executive Working Committee for general information of the members and the public in which case the copies thereof shall be supplied to members on payment of such sums as the Executive Working Committee may fix.


a) All disputes, differences or claims whatsoever which shall arise between members individually or severally, or the Association or about or in connection with these rules shall be referred to the Committee which may at its discretion direct the parties to refer the disputes, differences or claims to arbitration under the law for the time being inforce.

b) Power and authority of the Association and of its Executive Board & Executive Working Committee shall be as set out in the Articles and shall be exercisable only in times of the Memorandum of Association and shall be limited and restricted accordingly.   

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