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General rules of the site

General rules of conduct on the site

To start the site, with hundreds of people from different faiths and beliefs, and many site visitors, you are required to follow a series of site rules. We recommend that you read these rules, which will not take more than five minutes in total.

- The content of this site is about livestock and poultry and related industries worldwide.
- If there is a link to another site or page in any content or advertising banners, ITPNews is not responsible for the content of that page.
- The information of people who have posted comments or registered or used our services on different pages of this site will not be provided to companies and organizations under any circumstances.
- ITPNews news channel is subject to the press and media laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
- You agree that you will observe all customs and ethics in the comments and materials you post on the site or send to us and you will not insult people and their comments.
You give us the right to edit or delete content that contains insults or outside the common principles of society, or to refuse to publish them.


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